ArtesanalPesca is a fishing operators’ cooperative which was founded in 1986 with the aim of adding value to the products of the sea caught by traditional fishermen in Sesimbra.

Our Philosophy

Our strategy is based on adding value to the products of the sea caught traditionally and in a sustainable manner.

Based on the idea that structures on land are needed to add value to the products of the sea, we built a marketing chain that benefits not only our associates, but also the final consumer.

ArtesanalPesca makes a difference in two key areas – the way the fish are caught, using traditional fishing methods, and through fair trade. ArtesanalPesca directly sells the fish caught by its members’ vessels. The unity and centralisation of the catches provides market positioning, scale and security for the operators and fishermen that would otherwise be difficult to achieve. By cutting out the middleman, the marketing chain is shorter and, therefore, fairer, which also benefits the consumer.

At the moment, ArtesanalPesca has over 60 direct employees, as well as over 400 fishermen and associated vessels. This number increases significantly if you take the families of these people and the related activities into account. In a town like Sesimbra, these figures play an important role in the development of the local economy.

The implementation of our strategy represented a revolution in the national fishing sector and made it possible to introduce a fairer and more sustainable means of marketing our associates’ catches. Buying fish from ArtesanalPesca is the same as buying fish directly from the fisherman, thus assuring the highest levels of freshness and quality.



Black Scabbardfish captured around mainland Portugal



Direct employees



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ArtesanalPesca – Organização de Produtores de Pesca, C.R.L.
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