Black Scabbardfish


Strict quality control ensures that our fish have a fresh and unmistakable taste,
especially our black scabbardfish fillet, one of our brand images.
Black Scabbardfish is a species with an elongated body, a very characteristic pointy head and large jaws with long sharp teeth – a predator. This species is easily distinguished from other similar species by the number of dorsal soft rays and spines. They reach maturity between 80 and 85 cm.

In mainland Portugal, Black Scabbardfish are caught along the coast from Sesimbra to Matosinhos, using traditional methods, such as the long line technique developed by the Sesimbra fishermen.

An interesting point is that the 16 vessels that target this species are all from Sesimbra. This type of fishing (palangre – a hook mechanism) is very selective and is believed to be the most environmentally sustainable.

The ArtesanalPesca associates are responsible for almost the entire Black Scabbardfish catch in the waters around mainland Portugal. We are responsible for marketing the entire catch brought in by our associates’ vessels, which is around 3,000 tonnes per year, thus contributing to the regulation of fishing based on the principles of sustainability.







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