Traditional Fishing

By using more selective and less invasive fishing methods,
we assure sustainable exploitation of our natural resources.
The associates of ArtesanalPesca exclusively use traditional fishing methods.

The long line fishing technique (palangre) is used to catch Scabbardfish and it is aimed specifically at this species. This is a passive fishing technique and is believed to be one of the most selective and, therefore, one with less impact on the environment, unlike other techniques that are less selective and more harmful to the marine ecosystem. The use of whole Sardines or Mackerel as bait assures that young fish are virtually never caught.

ArtesanalPesca is well known for Black Scabbardfish but it also has associates that use other traditional fishing methods. The most relevant of these are the ones who fish for Sardines, Horse Mackerel, Mackerel or Octopus.

For small pelagic fish (Sardines and Mackerel) purse-seine nets are used and the vessels are usually called seiners or trawlers.

Octopus fishing is with octopus traps and pots, which are passive methods that are not very aggressive.

Our aim is to extend our marketing strategy to other species and other traditional Portuguese fishing techniques, adding value to the products of the sea, giving dignity to traditional fishermen and assuring the sustainability of our resources.






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